What is Okay Dev?

We’ve set out to create a platform where freelancers, studios, and agencies can connect and showcase their talents.

While many portfolio sites prioritize designers, Okay Dev focuses on the innovative, interactive work of developers. Explore live projects that go beyond just the visual, expand your network, celebrate launches, and draw inspiration from industry leaders.

How did Okay Dev get its start?

In 2018 our founder, Eric Van Holtz, set out to create a safe space for innovative creative developers to connect, collaborate, and grow. The goal was to stay small so that each new member could be celebrated, joining a group of familiar names, with discussions and insights we can all learn from.

Who are the Okay Devs?

Our members are recognized by the exclusive Okay Dev badge, a symbol of their extraordinary contributions to the industry. 

How can I become an Okay Dev?

We're building a nomination and endorsement system for becoming an Okay Dev, empowering existing members to vote on newcomers to join their ranks. Those awarded will gain access to a range of premium benefits:

  • Okay Dev certificate of excellence
  • Access to our private Slack workspace
  • Discord "Okay Dev" role
  • Exclusive "Okay Dev" profile badge
  • Customizable profile options
  • Gallery exposure for portfolio projects
  • Directory inclusion
  • Article features
  • Search and filter prioritization
  • Social media promotion
  • And more…
What are the benefits of a Pro subscription?

Check out our Memberships page for more details.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds on any purchases. We encourage you to review our membership offerings carefully before making a purchase. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are here to help!

If you have any questions concerning our Return Policy, please contact us at support@okaydev.co or use our Contact form.