We offer 3 membership types…

  1. Standard: Enjoy a free tier that lets you create a profile, showcase up to 5 projects, and engage with the community through likes and bookmarks.
  2. Pro: Tailored for creative professionals looking to stand out from the crowd and land that next project. This tier allows you to showcase unlimited projects, access our advanced case study features, and receive prioritized placement in our Gallery, Directory, and Articles.
  3. Business (Coming Soon): Crafted for studios and agencies looking to amplify their presence and attract top talent. Stay tuned for more exciting details…

Pro Subscription Benefits

For users who are serious about advancing their professional career.

  • Directory Inclusion: Gain prioritized representation in our Directory—a searchable and filterable list so that potential clients and collaborators can discover you.
  • Gallery Inclusion: Have your projects showcased in our Gallery, making it easier for potential clients and collaborators to discover your work.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Control the visibility of your projects with options to hide or show them on your portfolio and in the Gallery.
  • Search and Filter Prioritization: Get prioritized placement in search results and filters.
  • Unlimited Projects: Showcase all your creative work without limits.
  • Advanced Case Studies: Utilize our comprehensive case study builder, including video integration, to present your projects in detail.
  • Project Thumbnail: Make your projects stand out with featured video assets that capture attention.
  • Member Credits: Add other members as a credit to your project so that they will show up alongside you, and be able to display the project in their portfolio too.
  • Profile “Pro” Badge: Display a Pro badge on your profile to highlight your professional status.
  • Profile Light/Dark Theme & Accent Color: Personalize your profile with custom themes and accent color.
  • Profile Availability & Messaging: Indicate your current availability and control who can contact you via a form, with message privacy options. This form includes options for project inquiries, with upfront scope, budget, and timeline questions to streamline communication.
  • Discord Server: Receive the “Pro” role and access to the private “Pro” channel on our Discord server.
  • Prioritized Support: Enjoy faster response times and dedicated support.
  • Featured Articles (Coming Soon): Have your articles featured in the Okay Dev Articles listing.
  • More Features (Coming Soon): Stay tuned for even more exciting features. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know!

With no ads or sponsors (at least at this time) it's essential to offer worthwhile features to make a subscription a no brainer for active professionals. Also, as a solo owner and builder of Okay Dev it would mean the world to me and my family to have your support. — Thank you, Eric Van Holtz (Founder)