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Cult Of The North

January 2024

Cutting edge digital portfolio for emerging game development studio Cult of the North.

Development: Ash Thornton / Zala Šeško (WebGL), Jake Whiteley / Jordan Marcon (UI)
 Charlie Davies (3D), Sam Thompson (UI), Joe Faulding (Rive, animation)

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Swedish game development studio Cult of the North approached us to design their new website, the missing piece of their rebrand from Seider to Cult of the North. The website needed to embody the spirit of their new brand and capture the imagination of their target audience. The website was intended primarily as a recruitment tool and therefore needed to peak the interest of gamers, creators, and enthusiasts who share a love for immersive storytelling and unforgettable gaming experiences.

This was our first use of Rive for buttons and small details, as well as trying out my (then) new performant infinite carousel approach — it all worked really well!

This was a really fun site to work on and even though it was small in scope, gave us lots of room to stretch our WebGL legs, trying out a new painterly style, and some fancy particle work.

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For a deep dive technical breakdown, we wrote an insights article here