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Merlin Studio


Merlin is what they call a creative “Code Boutique”. It’s a fancy way of saying that Merlin can help your agency or business craft digital experiences like a website, digital campaign, or WebXR product—especially experiences where real-time 3D is the key to the puzzle.

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Merlin is all about web magic. Throughout the website, there are examples of what this means. On the landing page, we see a web 3D scene made with Svelte, Threlte with ThreeJS, custom WebGL shaders, and WAAPI wrapper Motion One. Little loaders, seamless transition, parallax, and the CSS card flip animations on the About page are just some examples of Merlin magic.

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Merlin Studio, a Code Boutique.

Get in contact to design your next web experience, or as some like to call it: Digital Magic.