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Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts

January 2020

Mike Kelley was one of the most influential and fearless artists of our time.

Kelley’s work, spanning across a broad range of genres and style, was irreverent and subversive, yet deeply insightful. His projects challenged the American class structure, reinterpreted pop culture and sparked youthful rebellion.


In 2007 Kelley created the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts with a goal of providing financial support and endowments for innovative art projects. Today, MKFA continues to expand on his philanthropic vision through its annual Artists Project Grant initiative, while also fostering a deep understanding of Kelley’s life and creative achievements through educational initiatives.

The Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts wanted to refresh their identity and create a multifaceted digital destination that would provide an appropriate stage for Kelley’s dynamic work and legacy, while also serving as a platform for the Foundation and its philanthropic efforts.

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Visitors to the MKFA site are a diverse group of enthusiasts, scholars, artists, and Foundation staff. More than just a showcase for the artist’s work, the site also serves as a functional arm of the Foundation itself, where students can learn about available grants, and where awardees of its MKFA Artists Project Grant Initiative are highlighted.

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