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onX Maps is leading the trail in private and public land mapping data.

The web and mobile apps can be used for hunting, hiking, fishing, backcountry, land boundaries, watersports, camping, and more.

The website presents an equal balance between supportive imagery, video, features, and information.

Video backgrounds, carousels, and informative overlays were developed to display the many uses of the onX app.

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The mobile site is filled with beautiful imagery, videos, app screens, and bold typography, colors, and buttons.

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Several custom content module blocks were created for the site which can be used to change the layout, or create unique pages.

From multi-image carousels with slide information to copy with supportive imagery, video, and an app screen with animated overlays.

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onX Maps picks up where Google Maps left off.

Three design agencies were involved with the rebrand, app redesign, and new website – all working in parallel to modernize the onX brand.

There are so many uses for the onX app. It provides great value to several different public service industries, sport activities, and professional uses. Such as law enforcement, hunting, snowboarding, off-roading, and real estate.

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