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Studio Mega


Studio Mega is a brand design agency based in Portland, Oregon.

With simplicity, flexibility, and maintainability in mind we built a website uniquely mega.

Powered by a Craft CMS back-end the website is easy to manage and update. There are several customizable content blocks that can be added and rearranged to make case studies be presented in a meaningful way.

Finding someone that can not only bring expertise and technical ability but also creativity to enhance the experience is hard to find. But Eric does just that.
When we work with him, we’re not just handing off a direction and waiting for him to implement it. We collaborate throughout the process and the end result is always better than what we initially thought was possible.
On top of that, he’s an awesome dude, good communicator and fun to be around.”

— Josh Beyer, Partner & Business Director, Studio Mega

From print to digital, and events to in-store brand work we wanted the work to stand on its own. The copy and assets can be laid out in multiple configurations that suit the content. Videos can also be used in place of photos wherever needed.

Project description, categories, inline client brand color, and easy access to the next case study all make for an informative and content rich experience.

Studio Mega has some of the top creative talent in the Portland area.

We’re thrilled at each opportunity we have to partner with such an easy going, welcoming group of mega creatives.

If you’re ever in PDX, be sure to grab a drink with these fine people. Learn about how they’ve helped build and brand their little create oasis, New New Crusher Court.

Like this project and want to chat about what we could do for you? Hit us up!